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About the Tour Guide

My interest in trains started in the 1950's, when I was a boy, growing up along the tracks of the Rock Island Railroad, northwest of Clarksville, Iowa. From that time on, I have always collected things related to trains and railroads, be it life size artifacts or toys and model railroads.

Trains on the Farm Depot
The Trains on the Farm display began in 1986 and continues to grow today. During my 23 years as a railroad employee for the Iowa Northern, as a track inspector and safety instructor, I collected all of the items I could along the tracks and from the rail yards. I was given much more by people wishing to donate to the diplay and can only thank them for their generosity. My hope is that anyone who visits the museums and displays I have put together here on the farm, will enjoy them as much as I do.

Trains on the Farm Depot
If you get to work during your life doing something you have a passion for, then it almost isn't work at all. That passion is what I convey on the railroad tours through the Cedar Valley. My family has been around this area to witness the growth of the communities along the rail lines; lines that were a part of the Rock Island and Iowa Northern, and also the Illinois Chicago and Chicago Great Western. Amongst many stories about the railroad in this area, I will share the history of a train disaster and show you a spot where a town once thrived only to later collapse, now leaving no trace of its existence.

Join us for a time of fun, nostalgia, history, a little food and more.

Your guide,

Francis Edeker


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